8 Reasons to Sell With Me

Don’t choose just anyone to sell your home. There is a lot at stake when selling your home and you probably don’t do this often. It is also likely that your home is among your largest assets, so choosing the right realtor to handle the transaction is critical. If your goal is to get sold quickly and get a great sale price with little stress, here’s how I achieve that for you:

  1. Don’t hire your friend’s auntie, your cousin’s buddy or some family friend who’s new to real estate! I am a full-time Realtor, specialized in the downtown core. I sell 30-50 homes/condos a year, right here. I have the experience and expertise you need to successfully navigate the process, minimize the stress and leverage the highest sale price for your home.
  2. When selling homes/condos my average List Price versus my Sold Price is 9.36% higher than other Toronto Real Estate Board Agents; on average I am netting almost 10% more for my clients!
  3. Marketing Expertise. Who is likely to buy your home? How do you ensure you successfully reach and impact this sector of the market? It’s critical – more interested parties means more money. I customize a unique marketing approach that guarantees effective exposure to win the attention of Buyers!
  4. Pricing Know-How.  Establishing an accurate listing price is a critical part of the selling process. Properly priced homes sell faster and for more money. I prepare a comprehensive comparative market analysis of your home and together we set realistic goals for guaranteed success.
  5. Presentation. How can your home look its best and appeal to the widest spectrum of Buyers? This is one of the most important parts of the process. Let me help minimize the stress by assisting you in creating a realistic to-do list that will transform your home and attract & excite a multitude of Buyers.
  6. Superior Negotiation Skills. Don’t allow just anyone to negotiate the sale of one of your greatest assets! This is when you really need a top agent on your side. In this competitive arena there is a world of difference between the abilities of an experienced agent versus a non-experienced agent. Experience dramatically affects your sale price.
  7. My Personal Brand Equity, reputation in the industry and robust marketing drives a tremendous number of buyers to my website and in turn directly to your listing. The Bosley website is leading in the industry, currently realizing over 10,000 hits per month. This Exposure is priceless!
  8. Exceptional Salesmanship with integrity and respect. My phenomenal relationship and communication skills coupled with my reputation in the downtown community are invaluable in any real estate transaction.GIVE ME A CALLL TODAY, LETS CHAT ABOUT YOUR HOUSE!
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